LIGHTEL products are manufactured with performance excellence and long-term reliability designed in. Our engineering teams contribute strong a background experience, coupled with modern manufacturing practices, to deliver the best solutions to our customers. Our production capacity and scheduling allow us to deliver on-time, even for large volume orders.

LIGHTEL product qualifications are based on Telcordia and MIL-STD standards. We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, and comply with applicable environmental policies.


Our product line for the fiber optic industry encompasses components, test, inspection and cleaning equipment, manufacturing equipment, and various design, engineering,and manufacturing services. They are arranged in convenient color-coded product areas designated below. Find the product yourself, or contact LIGHTEL directly for additional information.

Passive Components

LIGHTEL is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of passive components for the fiber optic industry, providing solutions for activities from laboratory R&D, to FTTH deployment and aerospace applications. Our Fused Biconic Taper(FBT) technology is the result of decades of experience and optimization, deployed from aerospace to ocean bottom. We also offer Micro-Optic products based on Thin Film Filter(TFF) technology such as CWDM and DWDMs, and those incorporating crystal elements such as Isolators and Circulators.

Inspection, Cleaning, & Test

LIGHTEL offers a variety of portable video microscopes which make it safe and easy to inspect fiber optic connectors in any location. You can view the images on our LCD displays or view and document images on your PC. Our analytical software can automate connector Pass/Fail evaluations. We also offer a variety of connector cleaning solutions so you can create the exact cleaning and inspection kit you need.


LIGHTEL's equipment product line is designed to ensure a long lifetime of productivity, while producing high quality components that are used in today's high speed communication networks, sensor products, and many other applications. A high degree of automation has been incorporated through a powerful software control platform. From the basic bench top FiberForgeTM, to the top of the line CW-5000 workstation, high yield, trouble-free operation is the main "component" produced.


In addition to our standard and built-to-specification components and modules, LIGHTEL offers a variety of Services to meet customers' special needs. Our group of facilities both US and Asia-based, allow us to communicate, design, and manufacture at an efficient pace. From modular designs for Component Integration, to Contract Manufacturing, and Original Design Manufacturing, LIGHTEL is "at your service."