Frequently Asked Questions


What class of laser is used in Lightel's microscopes?

Lightel microscopes do not use lasers. Illumination is provided by a blue LED and is completely eye-safe.

Which inspection tips can be used with my Lightel microscope?

All Series 2 tips can be used with all CI-1100 and all DI Series microscopes. Older Series 1 tips (CI-1000 tips) can also be used together with the PT2-CI/ADAPT, an adapter which can be purchased from Lightel.

Series 2 tips cannot be used with the CI-1000. No adapter is available.

Where do I find the 64-bit driver for the CI-1000-USB adapter?

The CI-1000-USB was a USB1.1 device. No 64-bit driver is available for this product.

I can't locate my charger/adapter for the CI-1100. Can I use a different 12V adapter?

No! The Lightel charger/adapter contains the charging circuit. Use of a non-Lightel charger/adapter will damage the battery and may damage the CI-1100.

Can I inspect connectors in the bulkhead?

All Lightel probes are able to inspect tips in the bulkhead. Use the correct female tip for your connector type.

Do you offer UPC inspection tips?

All Lightel PC tips can be used to inspect UPC connectors.

My ConnectorView software will not give me a Pass/Fail report.

1) Pass/Fail reports are only available if you have purchased a ConnectorView Plus license. If you need to purchased a license, please contact Lightel or your Lightel distributor.

2) If you have a ConnectorView Plus license, go to the Options window and verify that the “Rings” checkbox is not checked. Analysis is not active when this box is checked. If you are still unable to preform analysis, please contact Lightel for additional help.

How do I clean the lens on my microscope?

It is normally not necessary to clean the lens. If it has become unusually dirty, we recommend using a swab and alcohol.

How often does my Lightel microscope require calibration?

Lightel microscopes do not require calibration. If you are unable to properly focus the unit, it should be returned to Lightel for repair. If the unit can properly focus, no calibration is necessary.

My microscope is not working. How do I get it repaired?

Contact Lightel by phone or email and provide the model, S/N, and a brief description of the problem. We will provide an RMA # which must appear on the outside of the box when you send the device to us.

Repairs are generally completed within 3-5 business days of receipt of your microscope.

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