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RENTON, Washington, Apr. 25, 2011 — Lightel Technologies, Inc. today announced the upcoming release of its newest ViewConn video microscope, ViewConn Pro. The VC-8200 is a handheld integrated tool for fiberoptic connector inspection, evaluation, documentation and cleaning. A power meter can also be integrated into the unit as a customer installable add-in. With its built-in Wi-Fi, ViewConn Pro can send its connector Pass/Fail analysis reports via email to other locations or store them directly within the unit.

Lightel has a history of innovation within the fiberoptic industry. Lightel’s patented ViewConn was the first video microscope offering inspection and cleaning in one handheld unit. ViewConn Plus originated the dual microscope concept which allows rapid inspection of both male and female connectors without changing tips. The industry’s first integrated power meter, the VC6-OPM, added an important third step – testing. ViewConn Pro now adds on-board documentation and analysis.

Designed for ease of use in the field, the 5″ display provides clear, sharp images, and the large touchscreen buttons provide all the necessary controls for image capture and analysis. As is its trademark, Lightel’s pre-loaded ConnectorView™ Plus software requires no calibration and provides its analysis reports in seconds.

“With ViewConn Pro, Lightel continues to show the leadership and attention to industry trends that our customers have come to expect,” said Ted Bartunek, Lightel’s sales manager for inspection and cleaning products. “ViewConn Pro is the first truly comprehensive tool for field inspection, analysis and cleaning.”

About Lightel

Incorporated in 1999, Lightel Technologies was founded to bring advanced optical components, and equipment to the optical communications, aerospace, and sensor industries. Lightel maintains its headquarters in Renton, Washington, with additional manufacturing facilities for high volume, cost sensitive production offshore. Our products are sold worldwide, with distributors in key locations to offer the best customer services possible.

Since the initial passive component product development, Lightel has emerged as a technology leader several key product areas, including Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) coupler workstations, a full line of FBT components, Thin Film Filter (TFF), and other micro-optic components, video microscopes for inspection, cleaning, test and analysis.

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