Lightel’s New Hydrogen Gas Generator is Simple. Affordable. Pure.



RENTON, Wash., October 23, 2014 — Lightel® announced today the introduction of its LTL-H2-500, a bench top hydrogen gas generator designed for gas chromatography, among other applications.

The unit is an excellent companion to Lightel’s flame-based optical fiber fusion workstations in the production of fused coupler and taper products. Based on the electrolytic principle, the generator utilizes potassium hydroxide as the electrolytic solution and a noble metal as the electrode. Hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of distilled or de-ionized water and then a membrane-separation method fully separates the hydrogen and oxygen. This technique provides excellent hydrogen gas purity with an oxygen residue of < 3PPM. It also eliminates the need for H2 cylinders along with the accompanying safety and handling issues.

“Our customers love the purity of the hydrogen they get out of such a compact generator. Not only is it compact and reliable, but it’s simple to use. Simplicity really is key with this unit,” said Kevin Shirk, Vice President of Sales.

About Lightel

Incorporated in 1999, Lightel Technologies was founded to bring advanced optical components, and equipment to the optical communications, aerospace, and sensor industries. Lightel maintains its headquarters in Renton, Washington, with additional manufacturing facilities for high volume, cost sensitive production offshore. Our products are sold worldwide, with distributors in key locations to offer the best customer services possible.

Since the initial passive component product development, Lightel has emerged as a technology leader several key product areas, including Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) coupler workstations, a full line of FBT components, Thin Film Filter (TFF), and other micro-optic components, video microscopes for inspection, cleaning, test and analysis.

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