Couplers, WDMs, and more

Couplers & Splitters

Lightel fiber optic couplers and splitters are a reliable product with various bandpass, splitting ratios, fiber types and connector/packaging options. They are all tested prior to shipment, using the application specific, calibrated test equipment site wide. Fused Biconic Taper(FBT) and Planar Lightwave Circuit(PLC) devices are both available, based on specific needs.

Attenuators/VOA, PDR, Hybrids, PBS/PBC, Patch Cords

Our fiber optic attenuators are available as either fixed or variable, while our hybrid products allow customers to perform multiple functions within a single device, such as optical isolation, WDM, and power tap. Polarization beam combiners and splitters are available with optional wavelengths and connectorization.

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