Passive Components

(6+1)x1 Side Pump Combiner

(6+1)x1 side pump combiners have low loss and high pump efficiency. Due to the nature of side coupling, it can maintain beam quality, and has better resistance to back reflections. It is good for intra-cavity pump schemes, ideal for reverse pumping, and perfect for bi-directional single cavity and single mode designs. Features High Isolation to […]

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Fiber Optic U-Turn

Lightel offers a fiber optic device which enables the user to perform a 180 degree bend in a compact 4 mm diameter package for both single mode and polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. The unit has low insertion loss and supports 1310 nm or 1550 nm wavelengths. This compact device is ideal for fiber re-routing in

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Polarization Diversity Receiver

Ideal for Fiber Optic Interferometers Lightel’s Polarization Diversity Receiver (PDR) performs as a receiver for fiber optic interferometers that are susceptible to polarization fading because of random birefringence variations. The device incorporates three independent polarized PIN diodes ensuring that at least one output has high interferometric visibility. This approach eliminates polarization fading in fiber optic

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