(6+1)x1 Side Pump Combiner

(6+1)x1 side pump combiners have low loss and high pump efficiency. Due to the nature of side coupling, it can maintain beam quality, and has better resistance to back reflections. It is good for intra-cavity pump schemes, ideal for reverse pumping, and perfect for bi-directional single cavity and single mode designs. Features High Isolation to […]

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LTL-H2-500-2 Hydrogen Gas Generator

Lightel’s workstations require high purity hydrogen in order to taper and fuse the optical fibers and fabricate the optical components. Hydrogen cylinders can be difficult to replenish and maintain. Consequently, Lightel offers the LTL-H2-500-2 as an optional adjunct hydrogen generator with all of its workstations. The Lightel LTL-H2-500-2 is a high purity gas generator designed

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GPST-1100 Gliding-Plasma Based Fiber Coating Stripper

Fiber Coating Stripper Based on our patented Gliding-Plasma Stripping Technology, Lightel has developed the GPST-1100 stripper for easy stripping of optical fiber coatings. Offered as an enhanced version of our GPST-1000, the GPST-1100 allows the stripping of multiple fibers (up to 5) simultaneously on almost all types of fiber coatings, including stubborn ones such as

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Designed to minimize bench space and maximize utility, the FiberForge™ is a useful platform for research activities, new product development, and the manufacturing of both standard and novel fiber components. As new applications and markets emerge, there is a need for a versatile method of “forging” new tools. User-friendly software provides customization of many parameters,

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CW-5000 Coupler Workstation

The CW-5000 workstation is designed to fabricate a wide range of fused fiber optic products, including biconical tapered fused couplers, single fiber tapering, and fiber processing. Its structural design, optional platforms, and intelligent automatic control make this workstation a highly useful machine for fiber fusion-related manufacturing and research. The included software streamlines the production process

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CW-200B Coupler Workstation

LIGHTEL’s CW-200B has proven to be well-suited for the mass production of Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) products. Its small footprint allows for efficient use of space, and years of low-maintenance use in numerous environments have made it a popular manufacturing solution for: Single-mode 1×2 or 2×2 couplers, single or dual window (1% to 50%) Single-mode

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ViewConn Power Meters

The VC6-OPM and VC6-OPM-H are Lightel’s optical power meters designed to integrate with ViewConn®. Able to store up to 999 readings, the VC6-OPM or VC6-OPM-H shares ViewConn’s batteries and large easy-to-read display screen. They add accurate optical power testing to ViewConn’s cleaning and inspection capabilities creating an integrated 3-in-1 hand-held device. Either OPM can be

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ViewConn Tips

ViewConn tips are only for male connectors. VC-6100 and VC-6200 tips are not compatible. The correct tip for your ViewConn model, must be selected. Contact Lightel or a Lightel distributor for additional information about any of our tips.

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Lightel offers a variety of quality fiber optic cleaning products to complete your own custom Inspection and Cleaning kit. Select what you need or contact Lightel or your local Lightel Distributorfor assistance and recommendations. All products can be used with Single Mode or Multimode PC and APC connectors. Please download datasheets for detailed product information.

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