(6+1)x1 Side Pump Combiner

(6+1)x1 side pump combiners have low loss and high pump efficiency. Due to the nature of side coupling, it can maintain beam quality, and has better resistance to back reflections. It is good for intra-cavity pump schemes, ideal for reverse pumping, and perfect for bi-directional single cavity and single mode designs.


  • High Isolation to Back Reflection
  • Maintaining Beam Quality
  • Low Loss and High Efficiency
Port Configuration(6+1)×1
Signal Wavelength1000-1100 nm or 1450-1600 nm
Pump Wavelength900-1000 nm
Pump Fiber200/220 um, 220/242 um, 105/125 um, 106.5/125 um or customers specify
Signal Fiber20/400 um, 25/250 um, 9/125 um, 12/125 um or customers specify
Pump Efficiency≥95%
Signal Insertion Loss≤0.2dB
Power HandlingUp to 500W per port
Operating Environment Temperature20~40 ℃
Operating Humidity5%~85%
Storage Temperature-40~85°C
Package Size (Aluminum)100x15x10 mm

Note: The combiner can be used as a forward or reverse pump.


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