Lightel offers a variety of products which can add new functionality to your inspection products.

Tip Boxes
Small tip box, 6 compartments (holds standard probe tips and VC-6100 tips)PT2-TIPBOX1
Small deep tip box, 4-6 compartments (holds standard and MTP probe tips and ViewConn tips)PT2-TIPBOX2
Large tip box, 3-18 compartments (holds standard, 60°, 90°, MTP, 100mm, 150mm probe tips and ViewConn tips)PT2-TIPBOX3
Double sided tip box, 14 compartments (holds standard, 60° and 90° probe tips)T40-TIPBOX
Hard case for ViewConn and ViewConn PlusVC6-CASE-H
Soft case for ViewConn and ViewConn PlusVC6-CASE-S
Soft case for ViewConn ProVC8-CASE-S
Neck strap for all ViewConn modelsVC6-STRAP
10 pack ViewConn cleaning cassettesCC-1-10
5 pack ElectroWash® cleaning solvent pensEW-ITW-5
Battery charger with (4) AA rechargable batteriesCHA-SET-01
Connector Inspector (CI-1000 and CI-1100)
USB2.0 Adapter and ConnectorView™ image capture softwareCI-1000-USB2
USB1.1 Adapter and CI-B image capture softwareCI-1000-USB
Hard case for Connector InspectorCI-1100-CASE
IR filter for CI-1100 (must be installed by Lightel)CI-1100-IR
12v replacement battery pack for Connector InspectorCI-1000-BAT
Battery charger/adapter with US plugsCI-1000-CHA
Battery charger/adapter with European plugsCI-1000-CHA/EU
Battery charger/adapter with UK plugsCI-1000-CHA/UK
Battery charger/adapter with Australian plugsCI-1000-CHA/AU
Soft case for DI-1000DI1-CASE
IR filter for DI-1000 (must be installed by Lightel)DI-1000-IR
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