Active (2+1)×1 Combiner

A fiber optic active pump combiner (also called a doped fiber pump combiner) is manufactured by coupling the pump power directly into a doped fiber (e.g. erbum-ytterbium). In a traditional pump combiner application, the end-user splices the combiner’s passive fiber output to a doped fiber, possibly resulting in back scattering. Lightel’s active pump combiner eliminates the splice to the gain element and any backward signal to the pump lasers is reduced.


  • High Optical-Optical Conversion Efficiency
  • Stable and Reliable
  • Custom Configurations Available


  • High Power Fiber Lasers
  • Fiber Amplifiers
Port Configuration(1+1)×1 or (2+1)×1
Pump Wavelength800~1000nm
Signal Wavelength1030~1080nm or 1550~1600nm
Signal Input FiberDCF-EY-10/128LMA-YDF-10/130 M
Pump Fiber105/125 0.15NA/0.22NA
Output FiberDCF-EY-10/128LMA-YDF-10/130 M
Pump Efficiency>90%>90%
Signal Insertion Loss<0.3 dB<0.3 dB
Optical-optical Conversion Efficiency>26%>56%
Total Power Handling30W50W
Return Loss>45 dB
PigtailStandard 1m or custom
Operating Temperature0~75°C
Storage Temperature-40~85°C

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