Lightel offers a variety of quality fiber optic cleaning products to complete your own custom Inspection and Cleaning kit. Select what you need or contact Lightel or your local Lightel Distributorfor assistance and recommendations.

10 pack CC-1 ViewConn Cleaning CassettesCC-1-10
2.5mm IBC brand cleanerCC-IBC/2.5
2.0mm IBC brand cleaner (for SMPTE 304 and termini)CC-IBC/2.0
1.25mm IBC brand cleanerCC-IBC/1.25
5 pack Chemtronics Electro-Wash® solvent pensEW-ITW-5
Ferrule Mate™
2.5mm Ferrule Mate cleaning toolCC-FM/2.5
10 pack 2.5mm Ferrule Mate cleaning toolCC-FM/2.5-10
1.25mm Ferrule Mate cleaning toolCC-FM/1.25
10 pack 1.25mm Ferrule Mate cleaning toolCC-FM/1.25-10
2.5mm IBC brand cleanerCC-IBC/2.5
10 pack 2.5mm IBC brand cleanerCC-IBC/2.5-10
Large serface area 2.5mm IBC brand cleaner
(for harsh enviroments and termini)
2.0mm IBC brand cleaner (for SMPTE 304 and termini)CC-IBC/2.0
10 pack 2.0mm IBC brand cleaner
(for SMPTE 304 and termini)
1.25mm IBC brand cleanerCC-IBC/1.25
10 pack 1.25mm IBC brand cleanerCC-IBC/1.25-10
IBC brand cleaner for OptiTap® (hardened SC) connectorsCC-IBC/OTAP
10 pack IBC brand cleaner for OptiTap (hardened SC) connectorsCC-IBC/OTAP-10
IBC brand cleaner for MTP (MPO) connectorsCC-IBC/MTP
IBC brand cleaner for OptiTip connectorsCC-IBC/OTIP
Spray can of cleaning solventLTL-FCC2
2.5mm cleaning swabs (pack of 50)LTL-S25
1.25mm cleaning swabs (pack of 50)LTL-S12
1.6mm cleaning swabs (pack of 50)LTL-S16
Mini-tub of lint free wipes (90 sheets)LTL-WFW

All products can be used with Single Mode or Multimode PC and APC connectors.
Please download datasheets for detailed product information.


FerruleMate Cleaners

IBC Single Fiber Cleaners

IBC Multifiber Cleaners

Chemtronics Solvent Pen

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