ConnectorView Plus Software

ConnectorView™ Plus software from Lightel is designed for users needing portable automated Pass / Fail software to check for fiber optic connector endface contamination. Whether you want to improve objective evaluation of connector cleanliness in the field, train others to recognize acceptable standards, or improve documentation, ConnectorView Plus is designed to you save time and improve your accuracy.

Self-calibrating, and virtually instantaneous, ConnectorView Plus will highlight contamination and defects and create an analysis report. It will capture and save the image together with that pass/fail report. A summary report can also be automatically generated. ConnectorView Plus v2 offers an all new even easier to use interface and adds additional new features. It is available as a free upgrade for existing ConnectorView Plus users.


  • Self-calibrating – no need to constantly readjust settings
  • Single mode and Multimode connector settings
  • Adjustable acceptance criteria – Use the default IEC 61300-3-35 standard or set to your own corporate requirements. Create as many profiles as you need. The criteria used are shown on every report.
  • Live or frozen connectors can be analyzed.
  • Notes – simple automated analysis reports or include detailed notes and observations.
  • Summary reports available in Excel or Text file for every saved analysis report
  • Save only the reports you choose, or save them automatically
  • Automatically locate the ferrule or manually position it
  • Install on multiple computers and use with multiple Lightel microscopes. (One seat at a time with full functionality is available per license.)

Use with any Lightel USB2.0 microscope

Use with the CI-1000-B2, CI-1100-AB2ViewConn®ViewConn Plus, the DI-1000 or the DI-1000L.

System requirements: Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 10®, or Windows 11®; 32 or 64-bit processor; USB2.0 port

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