CW-5000 Coupler Workstation

The CW-5000 workstation is designed to fabricate a wide range of fused fiber optic products, including biconical tapered fused couplers, single fiber tapering, and fiber processing.

Its structural design, optional platforms, and intelligent automatic control make this workstation a highly useful machine for fiber fusion-related manufacturing and research.

The included software streamlines the production process and offers a wide range of customization options to assist in producing the exact products you require.

Control panel provides easy regulation of 15 frequent actions
Central heating region, with torch, vacuum holders, and epoxy curing heaters
Software provides real-time fusion status including pulling length, power readings, coupling ratio, and excess loss
Software supports multiple operation modes for narrowband and wideband couplers, WDMs, PM couplers, and more
Dimensions21.65" x 16" x 9.65" (550 x 405 x 245mm)
Weight70lb (31.5kg) approx.
Power100-240V, 50/60Hz, 150Watt
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