D80 Medium Power Laser Delivery Cable Assembly

Lightel offers cable assemblies equipped with D80 connectors for medium power laser delivery in medical and industrial applications. These connectors are terminated with a free-standing, epoxyless fiber tip which prevents the ferrule from melting or the possible burning of epoxy. Also, the copper ferrule provides better heat dissipation than those found in traditional multimode connectors. In addition, the connector incorporates sapphire protection whereby a sapphire disc is inserted between the copper ferrule and the fiber tip to protect the ferrule from energy accumulation and return. This large diameter core connector can transmit up to 600W in a single fiber with 90% efficiency depending on core size and launch conditions.

Steel-armored protection tubing is offered to ensure laser safety and all assemblies are provided in either standard or customer-specified lengths and colors. Angle polish, AR coatings, integral cladding mode strippers, water or air cooling, and other custom options are also available upon request.


  • Available in a wide wavelength range from 400nm to 2200nm
  • High precision surface polish
  • Sapphire protection of copper ferrule
  • Copper ferrule provides excellent heat dissipation
  • Good coupling, high efficiency
  • Freestanding, epoxyless tip
Core/Cladding Ratios100/140, 200/240, 400/480, 600/660, 800/880µm
Fiber IndexStep
Numerical Aperture0.22
Transmission Band400-2200nm
Armor Sheath Diameter8.0mm
Temperature Range-40° to +85°C

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