Fiber End Cap (PM or Non-PM)

High Power Fiber End-Caps (FEC) can be used for high power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers. These devices can be used to reduce the power density at the output of the fiber facet. A mode stripper is incorporated into all Lightel FECs to clean the cladding from unwanted back-reflected light.


  • High Power Applications
  • Low Signal Loss and Beam Quality Degradation
  • High Extinction Radio (For PM Fiber)
  • Integral Mode Stripper
  • Stable and Reliable


  • High Power Fiber Lasers
  • Scientific Research
  • Sensors
Port ConfigurationFiber in, free-space out
Signal Wavelength800 nm ~ 2000 nm
Input Fiberx/125x/250x/400200/220400/440
Signal Insertion Loss<0.1 dB
Output Beam Ellipticity>95% (for single mode input)-
Polarization Extinction Ratio>20 dB (Input PER ≥23 dB for PM type)-
Power Handling200W 500W
Return Loss>45 dB
Package SizeΦ17mm x 80 mm
PigtailStandard 2m armor cable, 2.5m PVC, 3m fiber (or custom)
Operating Temperature0~75°C
Storage Temperature-40~85°C

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