GPST-1100 Gliding-Plasma Based Fiber Coating Stripper

Fiber Coating Stripper

Based on our patented Gliding-Plasma Stripping Technology, Lightel has developed the GPST-1100 stripper for easy stripping of optical fiber coatings. Offered as an enhanced version of our GPST-1000, the GPST-1100 allows the stripping of multiple fibers (up to 5) simultaneously on almost all types of fiber coatings, including stubborn ones such as carbon or polyimide. This unit supports both end-stripping and window-stripping with adjustable stripping lengths. The strip is clean with sharp edges and its non-contact process eliminates the risks associated with chemical stripping and blade-based mechanical systems. An optional mechanical stripper is offered to remove secondary coatings (high-power optical fibers often have multiple protection layers) prior to GPST operation. As a solution provider, Lightel will support different stripping recipes for different fibers.

Product Features

  • Strip up to five fibers simultaneously (fiber coating size dependent)
  • Supports either window-stripping or end-stripping
  • Ideal for fiber preparation before fusion splicing, fiber connectorization, and the writing of fiber Bragg gratings
  • Strips almost all types of fiber coatings for all fiber sizes, including dual-layer coatings
  • Adjustable stripping length up to 100mm with program-controlled fiber clamp position
  • Precision high temperature fiber holders and 180° fixture rotation provides uniform stripping with sharp edges
  • Harm free – no chemical etching or possible mechanical damage to the fiber
  • Strip and clean using hot flow of gliding plasma
  • Fully automated with software adjustable parameters and storage for up to 12 programs
  • Multiple fiber holders available to support a wide variety of coating sizes
  • Optional adjunct mechanical stripper for removing secondary coating layers


GPST-1100 System
Mechanical Stripper for Window- or End-Stripping
Applicable CoatingPolyimide / Hard Polymer / Silicone / Acrylate/ Metal / Dual-Layer Coated / etc.
Cladding Diameter Range80 ~ 1200 µm
Window Strip Length5 ~ 100 mm (fiber dependent)
End Strip Length5 ~ 100 mm (fiber dependent)
Operation Interface4.3" Touch Panel (Option: USB)
Power InputAC 100 ~ 264 V (50 or 60 Hz), CE Certified
Power Consumption350 W
DimensionsMain: 420 mm (W) x 345 mm (D) x 226 mm (H)
Air Module: 332 mm (W) x 245 mm (D) x 116 mm (H)
WeightMain: 25 Kg
Air Module: 10 Kg
Optional Mechanical StripperMWS or MES (Mechanical Window- or End-Stripper)
(315 mm x 55 mm x 53 mm)
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