High Directivity, Mode Insensitive Achromatic Multimode Coupler

ParameterPremiumA Grade
Central WavelengthAchromatic
Split Ratio90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40, 50/50
Max Insertion Loss*≤ 3.6 dB≤ 4.0 dB
Directivity≥ 45 dB≥ 40 dB
Operating & Storage Temperature-40°C ~ +85°C
Package Dimensions - Light Duty (B)3.0mm (Φ) x 40.0mm (L)
Package Dimensions - Medium Duty (L)3.0mm (Φ) x 45.0mm (L)
Package Dimensions - Heavy Duty (K,R)100.0mm x 12.0mm x 8.0mm

Note: Specifications based on 50/50 ratio
* The insertion loss specified does not include connector loss.

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