LTL-H2-500-2 Hydrogen Gas Generator

Lightel’s workstations require high purity hydrogen in order to taper and fuse the optical fibers and fabricate the optical components. Hydrogen cylinders can be difficult to replenish and maintain. Consequently, Lightel offers the LTL-H2-500-2 as an optional adjunct hydrogen generator with all of its workstations.

The Lightel LTL-H2-500-2 is a high purity gas generator designed for gas chromatography and other applications. The unit uses high purity de-ionized water with Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) technology to provide hydrogen with a purity of 99.999%. The LTL-H2-500-2 directly electrolyzes water without an alkali solution, effectively preventing electrolytic cell corrosion.

At only 40 x 36 x 22cm, the LTL-H2-500-2 is a low maintenance, compact bench top unit with the quality hydrogen required for most manufacturing applications.

H2 Gas
Hydrogen Purity99.999%
Oxygen Content<3 PPM
Water Content Dew Point-56°C
H2 Flow Control
Flow Rate Range0-500 ml / min
Output Pressure0 - 4 Kg / cm2 (~0.4 MPa)
Pressure Stability< 0.001 MPa
Power Supply110 (± 10%, 60 Hz) or 220 (±10%, 50 Hz) VAC
Power Consumption250 W
Outer Dimensions400 x 360 x 220 mm
Net Weight~ 14 Kg
Operating Conditions
Environmental1 - 40 °C
Relative Humidity< 85%
Ordering Information
LTL-H2-500-2-110Hydrogen generator, 110 VAC
LTL-H2-500-2-220Hydrogen generator, 220 VAC
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