(N+1)×1 High Power Reverse Pump Combiner

High power reverse pump combiners (also called counter pump combiners) are specifically designed for especially high power fiber lasers. These combiners are usually mated with the forward optical path to form a bi-directional pump structure to obtain higher amplification efficiency and higher output power.


  • High Coupling Efficiency
  • Stable and Reliable
  • Custom Configurations Available

Port Configuration(2+1)×1(6+1)×1(9+1)×1
Pump Wavelength800 nm ~ 1000 nm
Signal Wavelength1030 nm ~ 1080 nm or 1450 nm ~ 1600nm
Signal Input Fiber (Note 3)x/125 or x/250 or x/400x/250 or x/400
Pump Fiber105/125 0.15NA/0.22NA or 200/220 0.22NA105/125 0.15NA/0.22NA
Output Fiber (Note 3)y/125 or y/250 or y/400y/250 or y/400
Pump Efficiency (Note 4)>90%>93%
Signal Insertion Loss<0.5 dB<0.5 dB
Total Power Handling300W1000W1000W
Total Reverse Power Handling300W300W300W
Return Loss>45 dB
PigtailStandard 1m or custom
Operating Temperature0~75°C
Storage Temperature-40~85°C

Note 1: Values are referenced without connectors.
Note 2: Other package dimensions and optical performances available by request.
Note 3: x, y specifies core size.
Note 4: Fiber size and type dependent.

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